28 June, 2013


Assalamualaikum beautiful/handsome ppl. Hi, Im back for 2/3 days. Im gettin' fat day by day. Eatin' all de day eh no all de time. In class, prep's time or midnight. I'll always eat. Forever eat is me.

I knw ppl change. Ppl changed a lot & so on me. Nahh, Im not goin' to talk abt ppl changing or me changing or whatever changing. Okay. I dont knw how to start it. Hm in your life, orang tak akan pernah puas hati dngn kita right? I admit it & so on me.  Orang akan sentiasa menjatuhkan kita. But, I knw kita takboleh lemah & jatuh. Jangan biarkan sampah sebegitu menjatuhkan kita. Kita kena kuat & lawan. Sampai bila nak biar orang pijak kepala kita? Sampai mati? No way for me!

I talked a lot just now and that was not my point act. So, had a lil fights w one of my friends. It's all abt a book. Dia hilangkan & dia salahkan orang lain instead of herself. Dia boleh buat muka innocent. Sakit tak hati? I cant lah. That's not my book. So aku marah gila malam tu. Cant control myself. I felt bad. Then the next two morning, I felt okay. I really wanna say sorry but she's annoyed me. Perli sana perli sini. Feel like wanna punch her. Okay. Okay, I am okay. Just let her be. Then at Twitter, dia kata aku merimaskan. Okay, that's sentap dalam sia. G mati w all your word. 

Girl, thinks. Did you ever thinks that everyone would really likes you? Did they really likes you? Or just be a hypocrite in front of you but in facts they didnt likes you. Nahh, up to you lah nak buat apa. Up to you lah nak benci aku or what. Up to you lah ye. But baby pls remeber nobody's perfect!

p/s: 25 June, thanks.