18 May, 2013

She's my friend, forever :')

Assalamualaikum people. Days walk too fast. Examination walks too slow like really slow -.- But, Alhamdulillah overall it's okay maybe :p Physics was about to kill me soon hahaha. This mid-year exam was really kill me like yeah. Killer subject day by day. Didnt the teachers think that we're so tired. Tired because we're sit for the exam like everyday without gap -.- Omaygad, Im going to die soon, baby! 

My classmates were really awesome. They filled my day with their craziness, happiness and laugh loudly with them. I wanna punch one of my classmates because he snap a picture of me without my permission -.- And I looked so fat in that picture as I had deleted it. I hate that picture, reallyyyyyyyy -.- Hahaha I love you classmates!

Friend. I do miss her. Really. Even now she and me are in the same school, we're not in the same class. Even our class just besides each other, I still miss her. Now I didnt talk much to her. And I miss the moment when Im crying with her, laughing with her and crazy-ing with her. #ThrowBack2012 Ugh I miss her like so much! 

I just wanna sit with her alone and cry! I wanna :( She's now a very bestf to my dormates. Weh, take care of her. I wanna her because only her who understand me well. Know how I am. Everybody didnt know about this. I will keep it myself. I cry by myself now. I didnt have friends to crying together like old. I miss her. I just wanna her. Babe, please understand me. I wanna cry with you again like old :(

p/s: Broken English and I wanna cry. Pray for my exam, silent readers! xoxoxo