20 April, 2013


Assalamualaikum ouls. Kreatif aite tulisan atas tu? Puih puji diri sendiri, syirik khafie again :p Okay, thats enough. 

So now is April's. And I goona sit for mid-year examination SOOOOOOOOOOON. Not so soon. It's on 9th May 2013, babe. Hahahaha gonna strunggles much on Physics, Chemistry, Addmath, Civil and LK! Really. Gonna. Strunggles. Really....

I did talk and sing much in class like everyday and everytime. Everyday and everytime. Even Baim which besides me looks at me like he wanna punch me. Lalala, relax Baim :p I didnt wanna sleep in class, like seriously. Oh, I did a new record which I didnt sleep in Ustaz's class for twice! Im so proud of me, clap clap hahahaha :p 

Honestly, I still miss STAD very bad. Even aku dah boleh biasakan diri, I still miss STAD. Even it's April's now but I miss STAD :( Mama, can I be a STADians back? And Im sure mama would never ever ever like ever allow to do that. 

Friends. I didnt hv any bestf here. Only friends. Not special. Yeah, we knw each other just like 4months. She didnt knw me well like Ras and Anasuha do :( She didnt knw how hyperactive I am, how crazy I am, how cengeng I am, how perahsia I am and how I am. I really wanna Ras and Anasuha back. 

Crush? New crush I guess. He's from Bentung, Pahang. So far away :O Hahahaha. He loves pink I guess :p Strikingggggggggggggggg pink! Most of his shirt was strikinggggg pink. K. Rumah sukan kami sama. Go MERAH go MERAH go MERAH go! ;p His father using Hyundai's black car :p Bila dia senyum confirm you'll melting like me. Dia senyum seriously comel. He's using Playboy's perfume which is so niceeeeeeeee :p  Hahaha okay Imma great stalker ever! His name is so coooooool hehehehe.

So that's all maybe for this entry. All about new school which I didnt loves much :p 

p/s: Sorry for my broken english and all the typo's yee. Hihihihi xo